We are Gruppe Moment – a group of music and dance performers who form a synergy of improvised and composed contemporary music and dance.

Founded in 2012, the german Gruppe Moment aims to reinvent new perspectives on cultural ideas and tales we have historically carried throughout our lives. With the fusion of sounds and movements we show the twisting and emotional responding. The audience may wish to (and is encouraged to) take part in various aspects of the performance in order to diminish the wall between the spectators and performers. Therefore we are seeking various public venues that can accommodate this unique experience.

Gruppe Moment

Mascha Corman, voice/ performance

Tim Čečatka, dance

Ute Völker, accordion

Daniela Petry, contrabass, project management

Visit “Termine” for our upcoming performance-dates of the series “Laborbegegnungen”. They will take place in March and June in Essen/Germany.

copyright Gruppe Moment GbR 2017