We are Gruppe Moment – a group of music and dance performers who form a synergy of improvised and composed contemporary music and dance. All of this in order to tell stories that you wont find everyday.

Founded in 2012, the german Gruppe Moment aims to reinvent new perspectives on cultural ideas and tales we have historically carried throughout our lives. With the fusion of sounds and movements we show the twisting and emotional responding. The audience may wish to (and is encouraged to) take part in various aspects of the performance in order to diminish the wall between the spectators and performers. Therefore we are seeking various public venues that can accommodate this unique experience.


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Rein damit – Performance with two dancers, two musicians and a thick Wall

dance, choreographie: Tim Čečatka, Danilo Cardoso
piano, synthezizer, sound – installation: Christian Börsing
contrabass, concepts: Daniela Petry

The performance is #4 of our regular series “Laborbegegnungen” (“Meeting in a laboratory”)

Two musicians and two dancers in the middle of the audience:
For “Rein damit” (Let it in) is shown with the help of a special sound
installation about how an individual survives: We perceive, filter, collect, scatter,dare ourselves, that which we judge and reject: Walls – but the self is used to move forward and constantly pulls together, is changeable, rolls out carpets, then takes another way and is inspired to take the next step – from time to time into another direction.

The four Essen (Germany) based musicians and dancers have put together a program, that crosses the borders between reality and subjective perception in a planned way. A story is told and for the person sitting next to you it will be another story. – What do we need individuality for and what parallels do we all have? Where do we need to delimit ourselves, where do we come together because of contrasts? On this evening our hearts and brains should let everything in.

Christian Börsing plays the Piano, a Synthezizer and has made a sound installation, that lets the “outside in” in a special way.
Daniela Petry has composed sound – concepts that deal with “letting in”, as well as playing the double bass.
Tim Čečatka form Munich und Danilo Cardoso from São Paulo have developed a choreography, that includes the musicians. They use experiences from projects they have worked together in the last years.
Infos about Tim (german): (runterscrollen)
Danilos projekt:

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